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Natural Raw Materials

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We supply natural, conventional and organic raw materials for the cosmetic industry in compliance with current regulations: our products are not tested on animals, they comply with EC Regulation 1223/2009, do not contain nanomaterials, micro-plastics, pesticides, SVHC , Nor CMR substances listed in the EC Regulation 1272/2008.

In accordance with the European directive 2001/18 / EC our raw materials are GMO free.

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In the pharmaceutical field, to ensure corresponding quality parameters, is used European Pharmacopoeia (PE) as a guide to international standards. Our Pharma Eur products comply with the current monograph and show on the technical data sheets the methods of analysis used.

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In compliance with current regulations, we offer a wide range of products for the food and nutraceutical sector. We have certified conventional and organic products, according to the hygienic-sanitary standards and the HACCP methodology. Quality and safety are guaranteed for both products and packaging.

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Founded in 1978 as an agent-distributor of industrial enzymes, then Amber Chem transforms its business in the commercial promotion of some well known producers of natural raw materials, mainly cosmetic, and enzymes.

Today Amber Chem, with forty years of experience in the market, is a company that operates as a broker in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields. The company rappresents italian and international manufacturers of natural raw materials mainly through an advisory technical and commercial.
Our role is to facilitate the negotiations between customers and suppliers to the last level, without intervening in the sale itself.

For customers Ambra Chem is a consulting service and research the best possible supply, offering a search service and product innovation in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

For suppliers, on the other hand, it actively offers a service for expanding sales and searching for new markets.

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